I’m a technology business executive and developer in London with a lot of experience building big and fast software infrastructures for organisations needing a disciplined approach to product development.

Currently, I’m CTO at Bitposter Ltd.

  • Yewdocs - A Command-line Micro-Wiki

    I’ve created a command line utility for managing text files. It’s written in Python (2 or 3 compatible). It can be considered a personal micro-wiki or note-taking application.

  • Microservices for Managers

    The excellent book by Sam Newman, Building Microservices, describes a rationale for a microservices architecture. Here I’d like to provide my own reasons why a microservices architecture is generally a good way to go for many software product projects. I’d like to be more succinct and specifically identify advantages for commercial software products. You should get an idea of what microservices are good for and how to understand if your organisation is capable of implementing such a software model, because microservices is not an architecture paradigm standing alone from the business and supplier environment in which it is embedded.

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